Can a parent or caregiver schedule a Forensic Interview for their child? No. The forensic interview is scheduled by our team. The investigator on your case will work with the CAC and you to find a time that works for everyone. Our CAC only take referrals for interviews from our team members. We do not take walk-ins.
What should I tell my child to prepare them for their interview? It is important to be honest and supportive but also neutral when explaining why your child is coming to our CAC. You can tell them they are going to an office where there are nice people who want to talk to them. Let them know they are not in trouble and it’s ok to tell us whatever they need to. We strongly advise you NOT question your child prior to the interview. If your child is disclosing to you, you can say “thank you for telling me that” or “the behavior or___ was not ok and was not your fault”.
How long will my appointment take? Length of the initial appointment varies greatly. Each child and each situation is unique. We want to give your child as much time as needed to talk about what they have experienced. The complexity of the situation and how talkative a child is determines the length of the interview.
Can I go with my child/ watch my child’s interview? No. Only the child and the interviewer will be in the room during the interview. The recorded interview is considered evidence. This keeps the chain of custody intact and prosecutors/defense attorneys will not be able to subpoena parents or caregivers to testify about the interview.
What happens after the interview? After the interview we will discuss with you what the next steps will be. We may suggest other follow up services such as a medical exam or a referral for a no contact order.
What should I do to help my child through this process? We understand that this process can be long and difficult. Be supportive of your child, let them know you love them and they are not in trouble. Be ready to listen if they talk. Do not discuss the situation with friends and family in front of the child. It’s also important to practice self care for yourself. This process can be hard on caregivers too. Discuss with our advocate if you need more advice/ resources to help you and your child.
How much does counseling cost? Nothing. There is no charge for any of the services at Turning Point Child Advocacy Center.


Trainings and Presentations

Turning Point CAC offers presentations for civic organizations, informal groups, schools (students and faculty) and the general public. To schedule a presentation please call our office.

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